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4 valid reasons to STOP straightening your curly hair

Straightening your curly hair is a hair care sin you shouldn't do. These 4 reasons will make you toss away that straightener!
argan oil for hair
Before you use heat on your hair apply argan oil as a protective layer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 19 Mar 2022, 13:30 pm IST
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Let’s get this straight— curls are beautiful and can never be boring. However, if you’re somebody who is blessed with curly hair but loves to experiment with them, you need to read on! Sometimes, your spirals may not behave well for a romantic date and your hair straightener is the only thing that comes to rescue you from the ‘mess tress’ look. But, this practice of straightening your curly hair is only going to make your mane angrier than before.

Nevertheless, some women think that sleek straight hair is something that makes a statement and looks more manageable too. This makes them grab the sizzling hair iron or go for a chemical straightening hair treatment. But ladies, it is something that will cause extreme and irreversible hair damage.

Dr Monica Kapoor, a Celebrity Cosmetic and Aesthetic physician, spoke to HealthShots about the damages of hair straightening on curly hair.

Dr Kapoor lists 4 reasons to steer clear of straightening your curly hair:

1. Breaks the curl bond

Chemical straightening treatments break the protein bonds in the hair that cause it to look curly. Straightening leaves curly hair very weak and fragile and susceptible to breaking. Flat irons at high temperatures can reduce the tensile strength of the strands causing your hair breaking off halfway.

2. Causes bald spots

Straightening your curly hair can cause burns and scabs which can lead to bald spots on the scalp in the worst case. And if you keep your flat iron close to the scalp every time you straighten your curly hair, the hair follicles can get scarred from the excessive heat.

hair fall
Straightening your curly hair may end up causing bald spots on your head. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Leads to split ends

The outer layer of protection of the hair strand is damaged by the heat causing the curly hair to split. Curls are naturally dry and more prone to get damaged. Using heat styling tools can burn the hair shaft and make the ends of your curls look fried and limp.

4. Disturbs the natural coiling of hair

Chemicals and heat dries out the curly hair. It disturbs the condition of your cuticle. Just because you get your hair straightened, it doesn’t mean it will remain silky and soft. After a wash, your curls will appear frizzy than before. And women often try to control frizz by straightening the hair again, which dries and damages it further, causing more frizz. Hence, the damage becomes an irreversible nightmare.

how to plop hair
Hair straighteners may ruin your defined curls. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

In case you still wish to straighten your curls sometimes, don’t forget to prime your hair with silicone and dimethicone-based heat protectant spray. This will help to preserve the elasticity of each strand before you apply heat to them and turn down the damage a bit.

However, the more you embrace your natural curls, the more beautiful and bouncier they get. After breaking up with the straightener, your hair coiling and structure will improve and your strands will develop a curl memory.

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  • 184
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