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Hair fall: Fix it with these 5 tips for thicker and fuller hair

While your daily hair care routine may help control hair fall, naturally fuller hair needs effort. Here are 5 tips for thicker hair.
panchakarma treatment for hair
Get rid of your hair problems with Panchakarma treatment! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 18 Mar 2023, 17:45 pm IST
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When we see Bollywood beauties flaunting their long and voluminous hair, we all wish we could have it too. Yet, instead of focusing on growing thicker hair, you end up dealing with hair fall. Hair fall can be caused by a variety of factors, including hair styling machines, chemical treatments, and a poor hair care routine. Not only that, but external factors such as pollution, UV radiation and hard water also take away the soul of your hair. Well, there’s a way to fix your problem and get thicker and fuller hair.

Tips to get thicker hair

In an exclusive chat with Health Shots, Dr Nivedita Dadu, Renowned Dermatologist, Founder, and Chairman of Dadu Medical Centre, explained that one can boost hair growth if your hair care routine is right.

Dr Dadu says, “Hair issues like hair thinning or hair fall have added a lot to an already stressed lifestyle of an individual. Even the younger generation is struggling with hair growth and receding hairline. This can shake people’s self-confidence. However, you can control hair fall and add volume to your hair by following some basic tips.”

thicker hair
Hair fall can be combated with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are 7 tips to improve hair quality and volume.

1. Choose the right shampoo

The right shampoo cleans your scalp without hurting your hair roots. It also protects the essential natural oil produced by your scalp. It actually cleans the dirt, bacteria and debris from your scalp, which influence your hair growth negatively. A gentle daily cleanser should ideally be free of parabens and sulphates.

2. Never miss your conditioner

Conditioning your hair should always be seen as an essential aspect of your hair care regimen. Simply try to understand your hair’s needs and then pick the appropriate product. Curd, for example, is a fantastic natural conditioner available in the market, especially when combined with honey if you want to make your own conditioner. It nourishes your hair and scalp, aiding in the treatment of conditions such as dandruff and itching. Moreover, it can help to reduce hair fall.

3. Work on scalp health

Never overlook your scalp’s health. Dandruff, oily scalp, and dry and itchy scalp are all potential causes of hair loss and other hair problems. Trust a good ol’ champi or scalp massage for a healthy scalp. Scalp massage stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation, which promotes stronger hair growth. Massage with coconut or almond oil twice a week.

thicker hair
Massage your scalp with hair oils! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Balanced diet

When it comes to hair fall, no cure can compete with the power of a well-balanced diet. External methods cannot treat nutritional deficiencies; therefore, a nutritious diet should be the first approach. Eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, sweet potatoes, soybeans, meats, and other foods can help you meet your daily nutrient requirements including vitamins A, C, D, and E, zinc, vitamin B, iron, biotin, protein, and vital fatty acids. So, treat your strands from the inside out!

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5. Rethink the heat

There could be dangerous repercussions of using heat-based styling products heat. They not only damage existing hair, but also affect the overall health of your scalp which eventually damages the growth of new hair. There are people whose profession demands hair styling on a daily basis, and they should never overlook the importance of taking additional hair care. Using heat protectant spray or serum that can fight off heat and minimize the amount of damage heat style causes to your hair, as well as utilizing good hair care products, can help to mitigate the damage.

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6. Haircut every six months

Getting a haircut frequently is one of the easiest and most efficient techniques to make your hair grow quicker. Hair trimming removes your hair’s dead ends and prevents it from growing, therefore it’s critical to get rid of them. If you’re wondering when you should go for a trim, let us tell you that it depends on your hair texture! Thicker and long hair can go longer between trims, while thinner hair may require more frequent trims.

thicker hair
Try hair dusting and say bye-bye to split ends. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Say no to hard water

Keeping pollution in mind, hard water is now almost unavoidable. This is why a water filter that allows you to manage the mineral properties of your water is the ideal solution. Hard water can cause more damage to your hair shaft than any other external factor. Bathing water containing non-essential or toxic minerals can cause flat, oily strands and a variety of other scalp-related issues. To avoid hard water, you can also use water softeners, which will make your hair look fuller and healthier over time.

Follow these hacks and you might observe some hair regrowth on your scalp!

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