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You’re probably applying hair oil the wrong way. Here’s how you should be doing it, according to a dermatologist

Just tapping your scalp and snuggling your fingers in your hair is not enough. These are the golden rules of oiling your hair that you must follow.
hair oil dos don'ts
Don't make these mistakes if you want to keep your hair healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 20 Jun 2020, 17:53 pm IST
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After a hectic day at work, what could be better than a head massage? It’s sheer bliss! But do you know that hair oiling and massaging should not be taken lightly? According to dermatologists, if you don’t do that champi the right way, you can end up seriously damaging your hair. 

“Have you ever watched people giving head massages in a salon? You might get a relief from your headache thanks to it, but the kind of damage this champi does to your hair is beyond imagination,” says dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor. “We should also be careful about how we massage our scalp at home because if you do it right then there is nothing better than hair oiling.”

To help you all out, Dr Kapoor is listing a few dos and don’ts that you need to abide by while oiling your hair.

bhringraj oil
If you want luscious locks, listen to your mom. Image courtesy: YouTube

Must-dos while oiling your hair

1. Always apply oil before washing your hair
“We all know that oil is a great moisturizer and if you want to keep your mane hydrated and frizz-free then you must apply oil before washing your hair,” explains Dr Kapoor. She also adds that hair oil protects the scalp from harsh chemicals.

2. Always remember less is more
“I have always seen people soaking their hair so much in oil that it starts dripping. Well, your hair and scalp don’t need that much oil. The more oil you put, the more shampoo you need to rinse it out. This can make your hair dry and can also lead to scalp eczema,” she says.

3. Always warm the oil a little
According to Dr Kapoor, warm oil penetrates better. “Basically oil molecules are very big and it is not easy for them to seep inside your scalp. Warming the oil helps in breaking these molecules and your scalp gets better nourishment,” she says.

hair mask
Learn how to oil your hair right. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Never-evers of oiling your hair

1. Don’t leave the oil in your hair overnight
According to the expert, this is one of the biggest mistakes people commit while oiling their hair. She says: “Dust gets collected in your hair if you keep oil overnight which can block the hair follicles and lead to scalp infections. Keeping the oil on for 30 minutes is more than enough.”

2. Don’t tie your hair after applying oil
“When you massage your scalp, hair cuticles open up and there are high chances of you losing out on strands if you tie your hair too tight,” she explains.

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3. Avoid oiling your hair if you have an oily scalp
“There are high chances of getting an infection if you apply oil frequently on an oily scalp. You can do it once in a blue moon. Also, if you have acne on your forehead then avoid applying oil to the crown region,” she suggests.

That said, oiling your hair is a good idea
Hair oiling is the most nourishing thing that you can do for your hair. “Just like facial helps in blood circulation, hair oiling also rejuvenates the blood in your scalp which helps in hair growth,” explains Dr Kapoor. “You just need to be gentle on your scalp and use your fingertips or a cotton swab to help penetrate the oil. Otherwise, hair fall and damage is inevitable,” she concludes.

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