Try the best hair oils for dandruff to keep the flakes away

Dandruff is a common hair problem in winter. Try these best hair oils for dandruff to keep the pesky white flakes away.
Hair oils for dandruff
Use these hair oils to protect your hair from dandruff. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 27 Nov 2023, 15:30 pm IST
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Are you making conscious efforts to hide dandruff flakes behind your hairstyle or by avoiding black tops, rather than treating them? Try using the best hair oils for dandruff to solve dryness from the roots!

5 best hair oils for dandruff problems

Dandruff can be problematic. Not only is it unsightly, but also leads to itchy scalp. These best dandruff oils will not only rid your scalp of dandruff flakes and bacteria, but they will also provide you with other benefits such as reduced hair fall, enhanced hair growth and shine.

1. Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

This anti-dandruff hair oil successfully combats both dry scalp and dandruff, promoting a strong and healthy scalp. Furthermore, well-known plants such as tea tree oil, neem, rosemary, and hyamaraka are added to this oil to enhance its goodness. Frequent use prevents dandruff and maintains a healthy scalp.

2. Indulekha Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

This anti-dandruff hair oil is backed with ayurvedic ingredients like Svetakutaja, amla,neem and brahmi. Further, it’s comb like applicator helps to directly infuse the oil to the scalp. Using it thrice a week can prove effective for you.

3. Blue Nectar Anti Dandruff Hair Oil with Neem & Tea Tree Hair Oil

Blue Nectar Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil blends the power of Neem and Tea Tree to combat dandruff effectively. This Ayurvedic formula nourishes and revitalizes the scalp, reducing flakes and itching. Enriched with natural ingredients, it promotes healthy hair growth, adds shine, and leaves your hair deeply moisturised. Say goodbye to dandruff and hello to vibrant, dandruff-free hair.

4. Kottakkal Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Regular application of this oil aids in the removal of dandruff and associated itching. It also aids in controlling hair growth and lessening inflammation brought on by dandruff. The ingredients of this anti-dandruff hair oil are coconut oil, brahmi, neem, kadipatta and ayyapala.

5. Blue Nectar Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

The oil that contains Tea Tree oil, Neem, and Bhringraj, which are well-known for their potent anti-dandruff effects, can help you wave goodbye to those unattractive flakes and white specks.The anti-inflammatory components in this hair oil, such as manjistha and anantmool, will help calm your scalp and restore its natural moisture balance if you’re sick of your scalp being itchy and irritated all the time.

How to prevent dandruff?

There are many home remedies for dandruff and maintain a healthy scalp. But follow these basic tips to prevent dandruff:

* Practice regular hair washing to eliminate excess oil and dead skin cells. Choose a mild, anti-dandruff shampoo with ingredients like tea tree oil or zinc pyrithione.

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* Avoid using hot water to was your hair.
* Keep your scalp moisturised by applying natural oils such as coconut or olive oil regularly.
* Avoid excessive use of styling products and heated tools, as they can strip the scalp of natural oils.
* Maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and stay hydrated.
* Manage stress through relaxation techniques, as stress can contribute to dandruff.

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