Best hair gels for curly hair: 6 top picks to define your curls

If you want to define and refresh your curls, include the best hair gels for curly hair in your hair care routine.
hair gels for curly hair
Try the best hair gels for curly hair. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 22 Mar 2024, 14:30 pm IST
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Curly hair is not easy to manage. They may lack moisture and dry out easily. But when managed well, they can look really very attractive. Since curls are heavily influenced by the hair follicle, women with curly hair need to invest in products that can add moisture to them. Hair gels are one such hair care product that can add natural shine and bounce to your curls. They are formulated with ingredients like shea butter and flax seed extracts that help to bring stability and better patterns to your curls. Wrapping your hair with a soft hold, these gels deeply hydrate your tresses and prevent frizz. We have compiled a list of the best hair gels for curly hair that you can try!

6 best hair gels for curly hair

The best hair gels in India may offer a solution to all your curly hair problems, right from eliminating frizz to adding natural shine.

1. Curl Up Ultra Defining Hair Gel

Curl Up Ultra Defining Hair Gel is especially designed to add moisture to curly hair. It is packed with the goodness of flax seed extract that may help define and accentuate your curls by minimising the frizz. The presence of shea butter in this product can deeply strengthen your tresses and make it more voluminous and thicker. This sulphate, paraben and silicone-free gel promises to detangle your hair and leave it bouncy for a longer duration. The brand also claims that this product for curly hair is free from cruelty, which makes it a good choice for your curly hair care routine.

2. Fix My Curls Quenching Moisture Styling Duo

Fix My Curls Quenching Flax Seed Gel comes with a combo pack of hair butter. It is formulated using ingredients like flax seed extract, olive oil and aloe vera. Delivering essential nutrients, this gel may promote healthy hair. It may also help to deeply hydrate and moisturise your curls. Regular use of this gel can also enhance the shine of your hair because of the presence of olive oil in it. It also promises to tame frizz and combat dryness. The brand states that this product is free from cruelty, sulphates, silicones, paraben, waxes, alcohols and mineral oils.

3. Arata Advanced Curl Care Combo

Arata Advanced Hair Gel comes with a combo pack of a hair cream. Formulated with aloe vera, shea butter and natural oils, this hair gels for curly hair promises to enhance the curl definition without weighing them down. This lightweight gel is water-soluble and claims to rinse out easily. It may also make your curls soft, protect them from humidity, frizz and offer a soft hold for a long period of time. This gel boosts moisture, adds shine, improves the texture, repairs damaged hair and prevents dryness. Adding to that, the brand states that the product is free from cruelty, paraben, sulphate and silicone.

4. Kayos Curly Hair Gel

Kayos Curly Hair Gel is especially formulated using ingredients like flaxseed oil, vitamin E, glycerine, Japanese orange oil and xanthan gum. This handmade gel promises to maintain your curls and give it a shiny look throughout the day. Free from harmful ingredients like sulphates and paraben, this gel may deeply moisturise your tresses without drying them out. The presence of vitamin E in this product can promote hair strength. So, it’s finally the time to show some love to your curls by adding this product in your hair care routine.

5. Curlvana Curl Defining Gel

Try this curl defining gel from Curlvana and make your hair manageable. This hair gel for women and men is made with flax seed, coffee and mint extract. Applying this gel in your curls may protect it from humidity and prevent frizz. Say goodbye to bad hair days because this gel promises to deeply moisturise your curls and provide a soft hold without causing any buildup. The product states that it is free from cruelty, sulphate, paraben and silicone, which makes it a safe option for your curls.

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6. Ashba Botanics Curl Defining Gel

Ashba Botanics Curl Defining Gel promises to offer medium to strong hold. It is loaded with the goodness of hydrolyzed jojoba, plant-derived amino acids, chamomile flower extract and rosemary extract. This hair gel may help control frizz flyaways and make your curls soft. It creates a soft cast on your tresses without drying them. This lightweight and non-sticky gel may help to seal the hair cuticles and protect your strands from heat. Regular use of this gel may stimulate hair growth, repair damaged hair, provide strength, shine and promote colour retention.

What are the benefits of hair gels for curly hair

Hair gel benefits your curly hair in multiple ways. From softening the curls to preventing frizz, these products may improve the health of your curly tresses.

  • Define your curls: Curls hair tends to frizz and lose its definition. Regular use of these gels may provide a firm yet soft hold to your curls, thus defining the natural shape of your curls and maintaining it throughout the day.
  • Promotes frizz reduction: These gels create a protective shield around each strand to help lock in moisture. It helps protect your hair from humidity, prevent frizz and makes your curls soft and manageable.
  • Versatile: Hair gels bring versatility to your hairstyling. When applied in the right way, they can polish your curls and make them look voluminous.
  • Gives a long-lasting hold: Say goodbye to constant touch-ups because these gels can make your curls remain intact in place for hours,
  • Adds shine: Besides giving a soft hold, these products may also impart a natural shine to your curls and make them look radiant.
  • Protects from environmental stressors: Curly hair is more prone to getting damaged because of environmental stressors like pollution and harsh weather conditions, These gels form a protective barrier that helps to maintain the health of your curls.
  • Promotes intense hydration: Packed with the goodness of ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera and flax seed extracts, these gels deeply hydrate, nourish and moisturise your curls.

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