I dry massaged my hair each night before bed, and here’s what it did

Do you follow a whole skincare regime at night? Don’t forget that your hair needs its added care too. Try dry massaging to get the hair of your dreams.
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Shifa Khan Published: 22 Jan 2022, 15:30 pm IST
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A good hair day is directly proportional to your confidence! Therefore, keeping your mane healthy, shining, and glorious comes first. Hair problems like dandruff, frizz, dryness, flaky scalp, and hair fall are so common that they keep us on the lookout for new remedies and solutions to tackle them. While everything else in my life was at its place, my hair became unruly and so prone to breakage. So much so that it gave me nightmares of baldness.Then I stumbled upon dry massaging.

While searching for a solution to my hair woes, this low cost, no-ingredient but solid practice for hair health, caught my eyes. I was surprised to read about the benefits of dry massaging hair everyday. Unlike a regular oil massage or champi, it follows the same principles minus the hair oil.

Well, who can afford to wash the oil off your hair each day? Not me! So, I was instantly hooked on to the idea of a dry massage. Like an added step in my night time beauty routine, I started massaging my scalp too. I preferred doing it before I apply my serums and skincare on my face.

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Some easy steps of dry massaging your hair:

  1. First, start combing your hair from the ends towards your roots to remove all the knots and prep them for a massage.
  2. Now bend over and bring all your hair to the front.
  3. Using the tips of your fingers, start massaging the nape of your neck. Added tip: that’s a pressure point!
  4. Using small circular strokes and putting gentle pressure, move towards your ears.
  5. Pay extra attention to your front receding hairline while massaging.
  6. Massage your entire scalp well.
  7. Once done, tie your hair in a braid using a satin scrunchie.
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A scalp massage will relax you like no other. But also work for hair growth. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

I tried doing this hair care practice religiously everyday before bed. There were some days when I was tired to lift a finger, but the thought of glossy, long hair kept me on it. Initially, doing it felt like lifting a rock but it became a daily habit in no time. To save time, I used to dry massage my scalp while binging on another episode of my favorite series. That’s a lazy girl tip for you!

Before telling you what it did for my hair, we need an additional expert’s advice.
So, I spoke to Dr Vidushi Jain, Dermatologist and Trichologist, Medical Head at Dermalinks, to know her valuable insights on dry massaging.

“A dry head massage is one that is performed without the use of any oil. This is a scalp massage done solely with your fingertips. This practice has a number of advantages that are crucial for your hair health.” says Dr Jain.

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Take care of those beautiful locks by including an added step of dry massaging. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Benefits of a dry hair massaging:

1. Stimulates hair growth

Dry head massaging stimulates blood flow, strengthens hair follicles, and aids hair regeneration. This practice, when followed everyday, will cause your hair to grow faster and longer.

2. Reduces hair fall

One of the most excellent benefits of a dry hair massage is that it curbs your hair fall. Regularly dry massaging your hair will draw fresh blood to your scalp which will strengthen your hair follicles. This directly impacts on less hair fall.

3. Refreshes your body and mind

Dry head massage before bedtime is one of the most effective ways to refresh your body and mind after a hard day at work. Stress and anxiety can also be alleviated by massaging.

4. Gives a good night’s sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, give yourself a dry head massage every night before bed. It will help you sleep better and relax your thoughts.

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The takeaway:

  1. Every beauty practice needs time to reflect and so, did this one. I couldn’t see much difference in the texture of my hair initially in the first week. But I continued anyway.
  2. In 2 weeks of dry massaging, I noticed less hair fall in every wash. The huge clumps of hair I pulled out of comb reduced too.
  3. Following this routine, my scalp’s health was at its best. I could see less flakiness and dandruff reduction during the cold season.
  4. I slept better after massaging my hair each night. So, it was an added bonus.

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