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7 anti-aging hair care tips to keep dryness at bay

As you grow older, you may witness a lot of physical changes, including the quantity and quality of hair! Here are some anti-aging hair care tips you can use.
Try these anti ageing hair care tips
Try these anti ageing hair care tips to age gracefully. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Dr Abhishek Pilani Updated: 10 Jan 2023, 16:18 pm IST
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Did you know that the first sign of ageing is hair dryness? Wrinkles, pigmentation and fine lines come later. Similarly, the first sign of hair ageing is also dry and brittle hair. In fact, as per research, the scalp ages almost six times faster than our face! Unfortunately, this is still a niche subject. In contrast to skin, hair ageing has only recently become a topic of importance amongst beauty circles. Let’s find out more about it and some important anti-aging hair care tips.

What is hair aging?

Just like our other body parts, our hair goes through a cycle of changes too. Factors such as genes, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal fluctuations play a part in aging hair. Other than causing a loss of strength in our strands, they also lead to pigment and texture alterations. This happens because as we age, our body stops creating melanocytes, the substance that gives our hair its colour. This reduction in pigment changes the structure of our hair, making it distinctively brittle. You may also wonder how to manage hair loss.

Signs of hair aging

As hair age, they lose their usual lusciousness since there is a lack of sebum production that adds that glossy look to hair. Hair also become thinner and grey. Shrinking oil glands, as we grow older, keep natural oil from reaching the hair and hence they look coarse and weathered. All these factors point towards a lack of protein and the damage caused by various environmental hazards. They also could be indicative of stress. Remember that nothing ages skin and hair like a good dose of stress in life!

Side effects of aging on hair
Aging can lead to many side effects on hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Anti-aging hair care tips for women over 40

Here are some hair care tips which can help you maintain your hair health as you grow older.

1. Moisturise hair

Since aged hair is really low on natural oils. So, it is vital to add moisturizing ingredients to your hair care routine post 40s.

2. Nourish your hair

Invest in a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner, followed by a nourishing serum or oil for that extra kick.

3. Provide the right nutrition to your hair

You need to feed your scalp right. Yes, that’s true. You need to focus on nutrition from within too. Consume a diet rich in proteins, antioxidants, zinc and magnesium that will help strengthen your scalp and reduce oxidative stress. Did you know one of the causes of grey hair is a lack of these nutrients?

foods for hair health
Improve your hair health with the right nutrition. Image courtesy Shutterstock.

4. Use sun protection for hair

Getting in the sun is good but not without protection when it comes to any kind of skin. Keeping the scalp (and hair) protected with a hat or cap whenever outdoors will help reduce ultra-violet damage and prevent hair from getting burnt, dry or brittle. Also know home remedies to protect hair from UV rays.

5. Reduce hair treatments

Watch your hair treatments. Avoid heat products like a hair dryer or straightening iron.

6. Embrace the change

Accept your natural greys. This one is the hottest new trend. Be comfortable in your body and wear your greys with pride. If you have to colour, choose sensibly.

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choose hair colour wisely
Colour your hair wisely. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Manage your stress

Manage your stress levels for better health in general. Find what works best for you — a nice head massage, deep abdominal breathing or other mindfulness treatments – there are many great ways to implement relaxation into your day.

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About the Author

Dr Abhishek Pilani is a Mumbai-based dermatologist. His experience spans over a decade and his expertise ranges from being a dermatosurgeon, pediatric permatologist to a trichologist and hair transplant surgeon. Dr Pilani is also the founder of Assure Clinics. ...Read More

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