5 signs of hair damage that are common, but you may miss!

Signs of hair damage may not be noticeable but need to be fixed to avoid further harm. It’s important to know when to provide your hair with nourishment.
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Hair dyeing can leave your tresses dry and damaged. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 17 Aug 2021, 14:55 pm IST
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We care for our hair, and in that pursuit, style and nourish it, using a variety of products and techniques. However, often, due to factors ranging from genetics and choice of product to styling equipment, could damage your hair.

Hair damage can have an adverse impact on your hair health, aesthetics, and self-esteem. While most hair damage is visible and apparent, there are certain forms of hair damage that we easily miss.

Let’s say hair fall is a form of visible hair damage, while gradual breakage, dry ends, dullness, and shedding are forms of hair damage that happen over a course of time, and do not ring alarm bells constantly. This, if gone unnoticed and not taken care of for long, can cause long-term harm to the health of your hair.

hair damage signs
Hair damage needs to be fixed as early as possible. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

To help you care for your hair better, we bring to your notice three kinds of hair damage that you may easily miss:

1. Breakage

Breakage of hair can be a result of various factors. The health of the scales of your hair is important, as if the scales fall apart, it may cause your hair to break, become dry, brittle, shred, and become damaged over time. Excessive blow-drying, hair straightening, and applying an overheated curling rod, are known contributors to breakage and development of split ends. As per a study by Annals of Dermatology, the use of blow dryers can cause hair damage, such as roughness and dryness. The study highlighted that hair surfaces tend to become more damaged as the temperature increases due to the application of heat.

2. Dullness

Lack of moisture in the hair can cause it to dull down and lose radiance over time. Dullness develops when the hair is not receiving enough moisture or is not able to absorb enough nutrients. Causes for this phenomenon can be traced to the use of chemical products.

Using chemical hair products, such as shampoos, can also be detrimental to your hair. Products that are not based on natural ingredients, can be hard on the hair and can strip it of necessary oils. The International Journal of Trichology, published a study, as per which chemical-based shampoos are full of toxic chemicals, alkaline Ph levels, drying agents, and sulfates. This causes your hair to become dull, lose its shine and strength, and break, due to cuticle damage and hair fibre breakage.

hair damage signs
Dullness is one of the most prominent, yet ignored signs of hair damage. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Tangled hair

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Tangled hair is a classic sign of hair damage, even though you may think of it as a common occurrence. Damaged and dry hair raises the hair cuticles and exposes them to other cuticles, which snag up to each other, forming knots, and getting tangled. Lack of moisture, use of styling equipment such as blow dryers, and use of chemical products are common culprits for this form of hair damage.

4. Dry ends

Dry ends are also an easy to miss form of hair damage, caused by splitting or fraying of the hair shaft due to a number of factors ranging from the use of chemical products to the application of heat. If you have extremely dry hair ends, it means you’re at an increased risk of developing split ends.

5. Slow growth

If you notice that your hair isn’t growing out, or is too slow to grow, it is time to sit up and take notice of its health. From dandruff and weak follicles to split-ends, anything could interfere with your hair growth. So, try to figure out and fix the issue that could be causing a lack of hair growth.

All in all, ladies, be mindful of these subtle yet critical signs of hair damage, and take timely corrective measures for beautiful, healthy and radiant hair!

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