Hate how oily your scalp gets? Here are 5 products that are a true godsend

If you have been on a looking for oily scalp shampoos and other products that really work, then do try these recommendations from one oily-haired girl to another.
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Let these products come to your oily hair’s rescue. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Meghna Kriplani Updated: 29 Sep 2020, 18:35 pm IST
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Short, long, frizzy, straight, damaged, shiny—my hair has been through a whole lot of phases. But there is one thing that has remained constant: my oily scalp. You see, I have experimented with a multitude of oily scalp shampoos—right from clarifying and clay-based ones to 2-in-1 shampoos that aim to condition and cleanse.

While some of these products for oily scalp were a complete waste of time, others offered promising results delaying the need to wash by at least a day, if not two. Ask any lassie with a greasy scalp and dry ends, and she’ll tell you what a miracle that can be.

That’s why today I am rounding up the five best products for great hair—including oily scalp shampoos—that have worked wonders for my hair, with the hope that they can help you out too.

1. Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner
If you have ever used a product that promises to both cleanse and condition, then you know how disappointing the results can be. In most cases, you end up applying a conditioner because of how high and dry your strands feel after rinsing.

That, however, is not the case with this Biotique shampoo-cum-conditioner, which gets rid of every last bit of grime from the scalp without drying out the length. Just one application of this product is enough to get the desired results. And a light application of an oil-free serum post-wash can seal the deal.

2. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
Apple cider vinegar is amazing at getting rid of excess oil without causing dryness, then be it on your skin or your scalp. But if you don’t like the extra effort an apple cider rinse entails, then this shampoo can be a godsend for you—just like it has been for me.

Formulated without sulphates, parabens, and silicones—while this isn’t really an oily scalp shampoo, it gets the job done by removing the grease and dirt. It also adds shine to the mane, but you will need to condition your hair after using it.


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3. Aroma Magic Oily Scalp Balancing Toner
Who would have thought that you can also tone your scalp? This alcohol-free toner can legit increase the time between hair washes for you. As someone, who used to wash her day every alternate day without fail—I now only need to wash twice a week, all thanks to this baby.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, including fennel oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel, and neem extracts—this sweet-smelling toner needs to be applied liberally on the scalp after a wash. Even this is an extra step that lazy girls may not approve of, if you have an oily scalp—then this toner can help balance your sebum production, making your hair less greasy and more manageable.

4. Mama Earth Onion Hair Serum
The right hair serum is an important part of an oily-haired girl’s arsenal. While conditioners can really add to the grease factor—no matter how much you try to avoid the scalp during application—a light application of a hair serum can condition the hair, without affecting the scalp.

If you too like to ditch the conditioner for a nice hair serum, then try this one from Mama Earth which has onion extracts and olive oil. This product is excellent at reducing frizz and can give your dry ends a new lease on life by making them soft and shiny.

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5. OGX Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Conditioner
If you just can’t do without a conditioner, then worry not—I’ve got just the right product for you. Personally, I haven’t had very good experiences with conditioners, because using one ensures that my fine hair becomes lifeless and greasy faster than ever before.

That said, this conditioner from OGX is made specifically for people with oily scalp and hair and let me tell you—it genuinely worked for me. It’s a light product that conditions nicely without weighing down your hair. Plus, it smells fantastic!

So ladies, these products for oily hair really did help me out. Do let me know in the comments below how you liked my suggestions.

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