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These 5 DIY scalp-exfoliating scrubs will give you the hair of your dreams

If you have been relying on expensive salon treatments to exfoliate your scalp, then try these natural remedies the next time build-up comes knocking.
benefits of multani mitti
Give your scalp a through exfoliation with natural multani mitti scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shahnaz Husain Published: 4 Mar 2020, 14:00 pm IST
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When dead skin cells shed, they allow new ones to be formed. This is a constant process. In fact, a healthy scalp renews itselves in about 28 days. And while this process is completely natural, exfoliation can speed it up and encourage healthy growth.

You can easily exfoliate your scalp with DIY scrubs and cleansing grains. DIY exfoliation is not only inexpensive, but it also cleanses the pores of the scalp and keeps them oil-free. 

More than your face, it’s your scalp that needs exfoliation because it is oil glands. As a result, your pores can get clogged hardened oil. This can lead to scalp acne and dandruff. Not to mention, the resulting build-up can also affect the distribution of natural oil.

The result is that the hair becomes dry and dull, while the scalp remains oily.  All in all, a scalp detox via a scrub is a great way to help remove buildup, oils, and dead skin cells. If you’re suffering from dull hair or itchiness, exfoliation may really help you.

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Now that you know, let’s get started on natural ingredients that can help you exfoliate your scalp.

1. Fuller’s earth aka multani mitti for oily hair
Not a traditional exfoliant, multani mitti works by controlling oil production of the scalp and by taking away build-up when it dries up. Mix fuller’s earth with rose water to make a thick paste. Rinse your hair with water, and apply the mixture on your scalp. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

multani mitti
Multani mitti is here to be your saviour. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Coconut and aloe vera masque for coloured hair
Combine 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel, and 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Apply this mixture on the hair and wear a plastic shower cap. After 10 minutes, rub your scalp gently in circular motions and wash it off with water.

3. Fenugreek treatment for dandruff
Fenugreek or methi seeds protect the scalp from infection and dandruff. Soak the seeds overnight in water and grind them into a paste the next morning. Add 2 teaspoons each of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply the paste on the scalp and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse well with water.

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4. Age-old banana for dry and damaged hair
Banana contains vitamins B and C and is a rich source of potassium, which softens the hair and scalp. Take the pulp of 2 bananas, 1 teaspoons of olive oil, two teaspoons of lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds. Mix together and apply on the scalp. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rub gently on your scalp using your finger. Wash it off with water.

5. Papaya for all hair and scalp types
Ripe papaya is particularly useful for removing scales that adhere to the scalp as it has a powerful cleansing effect. If you have an oily scalp and/or dandruff, you can go an extra mile and mix ripe papaya pulp with gram flour and apple cider vinegar into a paste. Apply on the hair and wash off after half an hour.

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  • 103
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