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Did you know tej patta can make your hair grow? Here are 4 other benefits of using bay leaf for your locks

If you’ve always dreamt of having shiny and healthy tresses, bay leaf or tej patta will be your knight in shining armour. Read on to find out how!
bay leaf for hair
Don’t bail out on bay leaf, if you want lustrous hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 31 Dec 2020, 15:00 pm IST
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We love tej patta or bay leaves for its distinctive flavour and taste. After all, that’s why it is such an integral part of Indian kitchens. Most of the time, the leaves are dried and added to the cooking process, only to be removed before eating. But did you know that the humble tej patta can help you get lustrous and voluminous hair? We aren’t kidding in any way, because you won’t be able to resist yourself from flaunting those gorgeous tresses once you have bay leaves in your arsenal. We already see you doing a hair flip *wink wink*.

So, what is the best way to use bay leaves for hair? Are you all set to find out? Because we are super excited to reveal it all!

1. Use it as a natural hair conditioner

Bay leaf is loaded with antioxidants that can help you smoothen your hair and also make it shiny! It’s simple: just boil bay leaves in a pan full of water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Once the aroma is strong, you can turn off the flame. Store it in a container, and use it on damp hair every alternate day, before applying shampoo.

bay leaf for hair
It’s time to flaunt your hair. Image courtesy: Shuttersock
2. Use it to fight bacterial and fungal infections of the scalp

Your scalp can get attacked by fungus and bacteria due to a variety of reasons. This could also be because of irregular oiling of hair. But fret not, when bay leaf is here! It has antifungal properties that can tackle this problem easily. All you have to do is rinse your hair with bay leaf water every single day!

3. Bay leaves can also fight dandruff and an itchy scalp

Bay leaf works wonderfully well to tackle dandruff and an itchy scalp. Here’s what you need to do: mix ground bay leaf powder with coconut oil to form a paste. Apply this to the scalp and then rinse with bay leaf water. Do this every day, and it’ll seem as if you never had dandruff.

4. Bay leaves can help with hair regrowth

Research suggests that bay leaves can boost hair growth and also strengthen your hair follicles. No wonder, bay leaves are an integral ingredient in so many Ayurvedic oils. So, wait no more and get some fantastic products available out there!

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5. Bay leaves can help tackle hair fall

With increasing pollution and daily wear and tear, our hair suffers a lot of damage. Eventually, hair fall creeps into our lives and makes us even more worried. That’s why it is best to use bay leaves powder to prevent this issue. You can prepare it at home easily. Just crush some bay leaves in a grinder, and add a few drops of lemon juice, and some curd. Blend properly and apply this paste to your scalp every day.

So ladies, worry no more about getting great hair, because bay leaf is there by your side!

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  • 84
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