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4 easy-peasy hair hacks that will help you tame that frizz

Ditch that serum and throw away your fancy products. Here are four simple hair hacks that will control that frizz and add shine to your mane.
how to manage frizzy hair
Good news! Ditch that hair spa and go for these simple hair hacks for long and luscious hair. GIF courtesy: GIPHY.
Ainee Nizami Published: 4 Dec 2019, 19:13 pm IST
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Use conditioner before shampooing your hair. Oil your hair before you wash it. Use cold water to give yourself a shiny mane. When it comes to hair care everyone has some advice to share–and there’s only so much your hair can take.

The best thing to do here is to turn to simple, natural, and chemical-free hacks that do not cause any damage. Because the simplest things can cause the biggest change.

We researched four such hacks, some backed by science and some by experience. Take a look:

1. Ditch your hair serum for aloe vera gel and coconut oil
A study, all the way back in 1998, found that aloe vera can help reduce scalp inflammation that is caused by dandruff. This is because the fatty acids found in the aloe plant have anti-inflammatory properties.

aloe hair benefits
Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If you use a hair serum after washing your hair, swap it with aloe vera instead. Scoop out the aloe vera gel and add two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Apply it after you shampoo your hair and leave it in for 15 minutes. Wash off with normal water.

You will notice that your hair feels less damaged and hydrated. Aloe vera has a high protein content, which in turn nourishes your hair follicles and improves the texture.

2. Swap your towel for a t-shirt
If your hair gets extra frizzy right after a hair wash, chances are you are ‘overdrying’ it. What’s that you ask? Drying your hair with a regular towel can cause your hair to absorb too much moisture that leads to extra frizz. So, swap that towel for an old t-shirt.

How will this help? A cotton tee causes less friction which leads to less frizziness. Just wrap it around your hair for 10 minutes, then run your fingers through your hair, and voila–you’ve got hair that Rapunzel would be jealous of. Okay not really, but we promise it’ll look fab.

3. Use honey as a hair conditioner
Honey has both emollient and humectant properties (read softening and retaining moisture) which makes it a great conditioner to add shine to your otherwise damaged hair.

honey hair mask
Make honey your skin’s best friend! GIF courtesy: GIPHY

Take one tablespoon of honey and mix it with two tablespoons of olive oil. Use the mixture on shampooed hair and let it stay for 20 minutes and then rinse off with normal water. The result? Shiny and soft hair that looks right out of a shampoo commercial.

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4. Do the ACV rinse
Before you ask, ACV stands for apple cider vinegar. Using it to rinse your hair can help close your hair cuticles and also reduce dandruff. ACV also helps in adding shine to your hair.

Once you are done shampooing and conditioning your hair, use ACV (you can mix it with water if you want) and pour it over your hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse your hair with normal water.

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