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10 women talk to us about the one hair care hack that they swear by

Struggling to manage those lovely locks? We got 10 women to share their one go-to hair care hack. Bookmark the list!
hair care hack
It is every girl’s dream to have shiny and bouncy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Ainee Nizami Updated: 27 Dec 2019, 12:29 pm IST
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A blow-dry and deep conditioning treatment, every time you step out, would work wonders for the way your hair looks. But what do you do when you have a 10 AM meeting and hair that refuse to behave? We all have that one hair hack that we often use to get our tresses to be on their best behaviour. 

From making DIY hair masks that transform your frizzy tresses, to simple things like braiding your hair while you are asleep, we got 10 women to spill their secrets.

1. Tie ‘em all
“Tie your hair in a ponytail, and then put a sock on it before you sleep. You will legit wake up with minimal frizz and gorgeous tresses.”

Snehal Fernandez, 26, Mumbai

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2. When life gives you lemons, use them for your tresses
“Rinse your hair with lemon water after shampooing for smooth hair.”

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lemon health benefits
Lemon rock for luscious locks. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

Parul Batra, 30, Delhi

3. Swap your conditioner with a hair mask
“If your hair is feeling damaged and dry, and you need a quick fix, simply substitute your conditioner for a hair mask. Keep it on for a few minutes and see the difference.”

Mithila Somaiya, 32, Mumbai

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4. Two-ingredient hair mask
“Mix some curd and lemon and apply it for an excellent hair mask.”

Anupama Maurya Chugh, 30, Noida

5. Curly hair hack
“I have extremely curly hair and on bad hair days I pat some oil on my hair, and wet the ends of my hair to give it a good, out of bed feel.”

hair care hack
You go girl with your curls. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

Juhi Verma, 33, Mumbai

6. Don’t have the time to wash your hair? Make a DIY dry shampoo
“I mix baking soda and cocoa powder and use it as a dry shampoo on days when I cannot wash my hair. It works fantastically, without any harmful reactions on my scalp.”

Harshika Agrawal, 34, Bengaluru

7. Give a fancy touch
“Tie your hair into two or four braids, depending on the length of your tresses. Now use a flat iron on them for about three to four minutes. Next, run your finger through the braids, and voila you are ready to go. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes and works perfectly.”

Tejas Bhandari, 21, Ahmedabad

8. Make your hair shine
“I apply homemade butter on my scalp for shiny hair.”

hair care hack
Yeah, home remedies can help your manes too. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

Shweta Sandhu, 26, Mumbai

9. Dirty hair works best for hairstyles
“If you are planning to do up your hair for an event, don’t wash it on that day. Trust me dirty hair works best for hairstyles; it holds up much better than clean hair.”

Karen Alfonso, 31, Mumbai

10. Add volume to your locks
“Braid your hair and open it minutes before stepping out. It’ll remove the frizz, and give you nice volume.”

hair care hack
Frizz out, bounce in. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

Dimum Pertin, 22, Mumbai

So, the next time you head out for a party, make your hair look super-amazing with these handy hacks.

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