Himanshu Goel

Mr. Himanshu Goel is an author and a poet. His love for storytelling and communication has found expression in the several books that he has written. His work has inspired thousands of people on social media and is continuing to do so every day. With an MBA in strategic marketing and communication from MICA, he aims to reach out to more people with his words. Grateful to the power of social media and technology, he is presently working on converting his books into audiobooks so that they are accessible to more people. Apart from this, his ongoing works also include a self-help book on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi.
For Mr. Goel, inspiration to write may come from anywhere – be it a documentary or the works of his fellow authors and poets. Greatly inspired by the poetic works of Charles Bukowski and Mary Oliver, he wishes to pen down poetry and several bestselling novels in the years to come. He also aims to build a platform for up-and-coming writers.
For him, all the responses and love that he gets for books is a huge motivating factor that drives him to write. He also likes to visit libraries and bookstores occasionally for inspiration. When not writing or reading, Mr. Goel spends his time involved in gaming, photography, football, and technology.