7 days of Nirvana

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  • Day 01

    Day 01

    Breath Awareness is a huge part of meditation and mindfulness. Day 1 is all about using basic breath control to empty your mind, increase your awareness , and find focus in your everyday life.

  • Day 02

    Day 02

    Intention setting is a powerful way to shift your state of mind and improve the way you react in any situation. On Day 2 we will learn how to incorporate intention setting into our meditation.

  • Day 03

    Day 03

    A body scan meditation releases tension and brings awareness to every part of your body. You simply acknowledge and accept whatever bodily sensations come up, and let go of judgement. This process helps relieve stress and ease physical pain.

  • Day 04

    Day 04

    Day 4 is all about focus meditation which involves focusing on something intently as a way of staying in the present moment and turning off your internal dialogue.

  • Day 05

    Day 05

    Starting our day with a morning meditation, we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to be fully aware , fully awake , and fully alive before "doing" anything.

  • Day 06

    Day 06

    Day 6 is merely a practice in noticing and letting go. Paired with the previous morning meditation, this evening meditation is a great way to revisit one's intentions and prepare for sleep.

  • Day 07

    Day 07

    Cultivating gratitude is one of the best to find happiness. On the Last Day, If you are holding onto any grief , resentment , or pain Day 7 will help you on the path to let go and move on with the help of Gratitude.

UrbanYogiAbout Urban Yogi

UrbanYogi, through its name, signifies the importance of yoga for mindfulness, relaxation and sleep. Yogis from early ages have practiced meditation through various yoga asanas. Yoga is not just about the physical poses and exercises for flexibility and fitness.

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